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31 December 2032 @ 08:54 pm
My D2, Dean/Damon, SPN and TVD prompt cards
My D2, Dean/Damon, SPN and TVD prompt cards

Dean, Damon and D2 Card 1
It’s a fine line between love and hate Happy Passion You’re so pretty when you cry Explosion
Dark Love Sucks! Seduction Bourbon always makes everything better You wear it well
Demons Now you're just somebody that I used to know. If I had known it would end like this... I would still do it all over again. I always did love a tattoo You're my obsession
Hunger Almost there It's not supposed to be easy In the darkness Sins
Shadows Candlelight Hold on Wild side Perfect

Dean, Damon and D2 Card 2
That hit the spot! Blindfold Memory Pretty as a picture Red
Light Broken I love my car! Talisman/Lucky Charm D2
Temptation Hurt That was a bit inappropriate What do you mean I need a new look? Possession
Gently You're such a tease I told you so Mine! Playing For Keeps
It's nothing that soap, water and a good whiskey won't fix Stars Say yes Chains Mutual admiration

Dean or Damon (or D2) and SPN or TVD Card 1
A Hunter & a Vampire walk into a bar… Brothers! Denim & Leather Fire Bliss
Cowboys Smile Back in Black Heaven & Hell Dean
Sexy is a good look on you! Fall from grace Once upon a time there was a monster Why is the floor moving? The first time
Once... maybe twice Satisfaction What happens in the car, stays in the car It's a promise Better than a sleeping pill
Tethered Dead or Alive Love Conquers All Those chick flick moments The story of us

Dean or Damon (or D2) and SPN or TVD Card 2
Blood Opposites Attract Photograph Stars & Stripes Blue
That Southern Charm Alone Baby Sacrifice Damon
Daddy’s little soldier Bad boys have more fun! You know me better than I know myself You're going to be the death of me How can you not remember what happened?
Kiss me You don't need to seduce me, you had me at 'Hello' If we're going to be bad, let's at least do it right I'm not someone you take home Tired of Waiting
Centuries All you need is love I dreamed of you Necklace Trust

D2 Only Card
The things that go bump in the night! What’s a slash fan? Dude, I’m full frontal in this! Better than a Purple Nurple! I Wuv Hugz
Bite Me! What do you mean oops? It's not always black and white Don't objectify me! Love Bites
02 December 2016 @ 08:30 pm
Festive Prompt Card
My festive prompt card from nekid_spike

Posted twice to allow for links to both my journal and nekid_spike

Join in the fun and pick your own festive prompt card from the selection available here

Christmas Card Red, Gold and Green Days of Christmas past
Links to posts on my journal

Christmas Card Red, Gold and Green Days of Christmas past
Links to posts on nekid_spike
21 November 2016 @ 10:11 pm
Mod challenge for spikesredqueen Set of Icons
The delightful and fabulous spikesredqueen challenged me on nekid_spike for a set of icons with faith/spike/willow, spike/Cordelia/willow, spike alone preferably shirtless, and a mystery one for the last one to inspire her muse.

Here's your icons honey, hopefully you like them and they will inspire your muse! :)


The full set of icons is under the cut.

The icons were made for spikesredqueen and are not snaggable without her permission.

The icons are here....Collapse )
14 November 2016 @ 07:00 pm
A Collection of Buffy Icons
A collection of Buffy icons in recognition of Buffy as this month's nekid guest at nekid_spike.

The icons are snaggable, so feel free to grab the ones you like.

Buffy Icon 4a.png Buffy Icon 2.png Buffy Icon 7.png

Please credit accordingly if snagged.   Thank you!   :)

More Buffy Icons Here...Collapse )
13 November 2016 @ 07:00 pm
A Sexy Biker Chick, Buffy Manip and a Spike & Buffy Wallpaper
LOL!   I'm not sure why, but my muse is obviously on a biker kick at the moment, so apologies for those not into bikes and sexy bikers!

Two pretties for you.  One of Buffy,  and the other a Spike & Buffy wallpaper made by combining the elements of two manips.

Sexy Bikers...Spike & Buffy!Collapse )
10 November 2016 @ 10:00 am
A Riley Manip
A Riley manip that could also double as a wallpaper.

Riley, the wholesome boy next door, tries out the biker boy look!

Riley shows his biker skills...and charms!Collapse )
08 November 2016 @ 07:00 pm
Dream Lover, Spike & Buffy
One for the Harlots Movie Theatre special on nekid_spike.

A movie poster for Dream Lover, a romantic movie starring Spike and Buffy.

Nothing shocking, but tagging as not worksafe just to be safe as Spike's nekid!.

Dream LoverCollapse )
07 November 2016 @ 07:00 pm
Spike ...and Fireworks!
One for the Fireworks special over on nekid_spike.

Spike stops and admires the delghts of a sky lit up with a colourful firework display!

Fireworks!Collapse )
07 November 2016 @ 10:00 am
A Riley Manip - all relaxed and ready to go!
A Riley manip with the delicious and sexy charms of Riley, all relaxed and ready to go!

Riley, relaxed and ready to go!Collapse )
05 November 2016 @ 09:00 pm
A Buffy, Angel and Riley wallpaper
Originally made as a gift for the fabulous angelus2hot following a conversation where she lamented that she had never seen, and sadly was unlikely to, a wallpaper of Buffy, Angel and Riley.

Well I thought it was time to rectify that and this was the result!

Buffy, Angel and RileyCollapse )